One Page Website With Hosting Annually

1. Lead Capturing Website W/ Hosting .   example

You get your own One Page Website that is set up to collect seller leads for you. The page is set up to attract homeowners that have an interest in selling and do not have an agent yet. Homeowners that are considering selling and have not picked an agent- will typically do their own research online before reaching out to an agent. The landing page allows you to capture that home owners information while they are doing research and puts you as the first real estate agent to make contact with them. We know by crunching the numbers-that the 1st agent that interacts with a homeowner that is interested in selling- has a 70%+ chance of winning the listing if they continue to follow up. You want to be the 1st agent that they have a conversation with right?

2. Listing in Premier Local Agents Directory .
3. Four amazing Unlimited Premium Incentives To Give Away . 
A. 3 day 2 night getaway certificate with 40 location options.
B. 8 day 7 night vacation certificate with 60 locations
C. $1000 Grocery savings certificate.
D. $1000 restaurant savings certificate.